The Win & Tonic Croquet Club

We are a non-profit organization playing (mainly) Golf croquet on land belonging to the founder of the club, situated on the west coast of Sweden a short distance north of the small town of Falkenberg. 

Members are mainly friends and relations, but we feel we need to broaden our palette and reach out to those in the general public who, like us feel attracted to the gentle click of croquet balls on lawns of prestine green gilded by the warm sun on a lazy summer afternoon,  unexpectedly turning into stark battlegrounds of serious competition calling for the analytical brains of a scientist, the tactical genius of a general and the deft and steady hands of an able bodied sailor. (Thank Goodness for Tea and Jam!). To this end we have gone thru the neccessary procedures to form a Bona Fide croquet club, staures, AGM and all, under the auspices of the Swedish Croquet Association.   

  Our aim is to Win. In the unlikely contingency of losing, we feel entitled to some kind of Tonic (see above!), ergo the name.  We are magnanimous in viktory and gracious in defeat and above all we try to se the fun of it all and enjoy playing croquet. 

Do, please, join us!  

Falkenberg 28 May 2019


The Win&Tonic goes to England.

On 2 April, 2019 the Win&Tonic "Expeditionary Force" set sail for Merry England - the Mecca of croquet.

Our Goal: The Croquet Academy at Sussex County Croquet Club.

Our Mission: To become qualified instructors in the game of Golf Croquet at club level.

By way of a three-pronged attack from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen, joint forces from W&TCC (Falkenberg) and Sphaera CC  (Stockholm) made landfall in the early hours and errected bridge heads at the Crab Tree Inn and the Anchorage B&B, in the unsuspecting little harbour town of Shoreham-by-Sea. 


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